devblog #1

Hello folks, it's my first time I make a devblog from it's not my first game project I made so far... But this time, i decided to make a really short game so it could be much easier and managable for me to create the game.

That aside, here what is the concept game I'm been working:

The idea is a Point-&-Click gameplay which all you do is help the main character Momoo Gyuunyuu to find these missing bottles. These bottles are hidden in her house considering how forgetfull Momoo is... hehe...

I used this page as the main reference for the fantasy console Famicube it does have some interesting limitation specs!

Of course, the resolution of screenshot is non standard since the 16/9 is proven to be really difficult to convert into low definition... which I decided to use the aspect ration of 16/10. This way, it's much easier to work with! The resulution of my game will be in 320x200 easily divided by 8x8! it will be easy to upscale it smoothly. but i haven't forgotten the strict limitation from the famicube specs so, i will stick to it aside the screen resolution...

The game engine? i'm going to use this awesome game engine called Pixel Vision 8 Game Creator! it will help me to create this short game since it mimic the retro game developement. Especially since it could use the strict limitations of nes or you could create your own fantasy console like the one I choose for my game! Plus It had the advantage to be played on browser or exported to the game engine unity 2017 or Unreal Engine 4 (not sure if it's possible or it will be planned...)!

Alright...Here a few mockups I made so far and just to let you know, these mockups are not the final version since it's still in early WIP (Work In Progress):

This is a leisure room... Please, just ignore the text...

Here the kitchen room! Yes, I'm wondering what will she bake as cake?

Now here the animation i made so far... as you can notice, her udder is pretty much swell *roll eyes*

That is all so far. in the next devblog, I will show my workflow on how I create these assets and the coding part.

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